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A Groom's Guide to Getting Ready: Embrace the Journey

Over the years, I've noticed that grooms and groomsmen often have questions about what to expect during the 'getting ready' phase on the wedding day. To ensure our clients are well-prepared and everything runs smoothly, we've crafted a set of friendly, practical tips for the guys providing you a groom's guide to getting ready.

peddler's village groom getting ready dressed jaclyn kushner photography

1 | Embrace Being Photographed

First and foremost, embrace the idea of being photographed. Life is full of incredible moments, and your wedding day is one of the most remarkable. It's important to capture these memories through the lens of a professional photographer. Your wedding is a day that will forever hold a special place in your heart, and photographs are your time machine back to that moment. Don't let the fear of being in photos keep you from preserving these cherished memories. Remember, "out of sight, out of mind." Embracing photography ensures that your wedding day will be remembered vividly.

Franklin Commons Wedding Getting Ready Lint roller Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Valley Forge/Collegeville

2 | Grooms - Embrace the Support

Your family is excited for your big day, and most of them want to be part of it. Many are just as invested as you are in creating a spectacular wedding. Sometimes, this enthusiasm can lead to tension, with family members trying to help in their own way. Try to see their eagerness as an expression of love and support. If you need some space, give them a task to keep them involved, as they often just want to be helpful.

Aldie Mansion Groom Getting Ready Dressed cuff links - jaclyn kushner photography

3 | Choosing a Getting Ready Location

The choice of your getting ready location can set the tone for your day. Opt for a place filled with natural light and spacious enough for you and your groomsmen to comfortably prepare. A well-lit room with ample space ensures a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to hang out, bond, and savor this pre-wedding time.

4 | Be Ready: What to Wear

When the time comes to get ready, ensure that you and your groomsmen are prepared. Have your shirts and pants on when the photographer's second shooter arrives. Shaving and showers should be done, and you should be almost ready to roll. This helps maintain a smooth and timely schedule.

5 | Keep It Clean

As you get ready, try to keep your space clean and clutter-free. This can be challenging in a small hotel room, but stow luggage and bags under the bed or in the closet to create a tidy environment. A clutter-free space not only looks better in photos but also creates a calm atmosphere.

groom wedding details rivercrest golf club and preserve

6 | Get Your Details Gathered

Coordinate with your bride to send all your details with her in the morning. This way, you can capture your details where the bridesmaids are getting ready. Your details typically include shoes (even if they are rentals), fun socks if applicable, cologne, cufflinks, tie or bowtie, boutonniere, watch, belt, pocket square, sunglasses, and anything sentimental that you'll be using on the wedding day. Collecting all your details in one place makes for efficient photography and ensures that nothing gets left out.

bowtie groom getting ready tie a bowtie jaclyn kushner photography

7 | Bowties: Learn How to Tie

If you're wearing real bowties (not pre-tied), practice tying them in advance. Tying a real bowtie can be tricky, and those YouTube tutorials might not be as straightforward as they seem. Learning how to tie a bowtie will help you avoid delays and stress on the big day.

wedding cake smash almost jaclyn kushner photography the alloy king of prussia wedding

8 | Eat Food and Stay Hydrated

Ensure you have something to eat before getting dressed. Arrange to have a platter of sandwiches or snacks delivered to your preparation location, as you might not have another chance to eat until dinner. Staying nourished and hydrated will keep your energy up throughout the day.

9 | Empty your pockets!

This applies to the groom and groomsmen. If you must carry your wallet, cell phone, etc. with you on the wedding day, tuck them into your back pockets or inside your jacket liner. This will ensure that there are no unsightly bumps or bulges in your photos.

10 | Hit the Restroom Before Formals

Lastly, before heading out for formal photos, make a final restroom break. It might sound a bit unusual, but it's one detail that can be easily overlooked in the excitement of the day.

I trust that this post has offered valuable insights into the 'getting ready' part of your big day for the guys. Remember, with proper planning, it's a smooth and enjoyable experience. We've laid out a flow and timeline in advance to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and every aspect, including the 'getting ready' phase, should be embraced and cherished. We're here to ensure that it's as quick and painless as possible, allowing you to savor every moment.

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