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What's the Allure of a First Look?

appleford villanova PA - first look - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

In all honesty, having a “First Look” has proven to be a significant stress-reliever for many of my couples. In the lead-up to a wedding, emotions run high with anticipation, excitement, and a sometimes touch of nervousness.

The "First Look" wedding photos are when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. And as your big day approaches, you’re probably wondering whether you want first-look wedding photos—or whether you want to wait until you walk down the aisle for your big reveal.


Pros of a First Look

Valley Forge National Historical Park wedding party group photo

Capture Formalities Pre-Ceremony

One of the major advantages of opting for a first look is the opportunity to capture additional formalities before the ceremony. From Wedding Party to Family and Portraits of the Couple. Opting for a first look streamlines this process, giving you more time to savor your cocktail hour and connect with your guests without any unnecessary hurry.

"It was SO worth doing a first look; the best decisions we made. We got breathtaking photos of these sweet moments AND we got to have more time during cocktail hour to enjoy our wedding but mainly have more time with our friends, family, and guests."

Aldie Mansion Doylestown Wedding First Look - Jaclyn Kushner Phototgraphy

Personal Moment with Your Partner

“A first look definitely does not spoil the ceremony”

“You’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what, so if you want to see your partner, don’t skip the first look.”

Valley Forge National Historical Park Love Letters First Look - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

Document the Emotional Moments

The first look isn't just about that initial reaction; it's a full experience. It's about the excitement, checking each other out, and pumping each other up. Think loving glances, shared smiles, and those private words of love and support.

“Yes, walking down the aisle is emotional too, but you’re not together in those photographs.”

Calms the Nerves

Pre-wedding jitters are perfectly natural, and many couples experience a mix of emotions as they approach their big day. But here's the secret ingredient that can help you find serenity amidst the whirlwind of emotions: the first look. When you see your partner before the ceremony, it's as if the world pauses for a moment. In that shared glance and embrace, you'll discover solace and reassurance. It's a quiet affirmation that you're not walking this path alone. You're in this together, ready to embark on a beautiful journey as a couple.

"A wave of calm washed over me as I stood there, back to back with my partner, our hands intertwined. It was a surreal moment of tranquility amidst the chaos and emotions. Hearing his voice and feeling the warmth of their hand in mine reassured me in a way that words couldn't express."

Your choice should align with what resonates most with you. Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique love story, and my mission is to ensure your photographs beautifully capture that essence.

Be it tears during the first look, the timeless aisle reveal, or any of the other wonderful options, consider me your dedicated wedding photographer, poised to capture each heartfelt moment. Your memories are meant to be cherished for a lifetime, and I'm privileged to be the one entrusted with preserving them. Here's to the remarkable journey ahead of you both!

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