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Jaclyn here; boudoir and wedding photographer in North Wales, Pennsylvania. When the weather is nice typically I am out kayaking, gardening, hiking, or reading a book outside. The chiller weather I am more focused on finding good restaurants and playing board games. I’m a sucker for farm to table places and spots that have good mixed drinks.


Photography is art that captures you and all of that energy and emotion that happened in a moment.


Weddings bring so many emotions and such precious moments. It is a celebration for you and your partner which you get to choose how you will proceed this journey together.


Being an artist means that we have the ability to share our perspective to others. To be able to share the beauty, joy, and love we see and to provide that to someone else.


Boudoir has surprised me with the amount of power it contains with being able to change someone’s perceptive on themselves. Growing up there was a lot of shame or guilt thrown around if you did not look like a certain way which changed all of the time. Where was the support for you being you and taking care of the body you have? You deserve to be seen, heard, loved, cared for, and supported.


"Really living is loving each other. It is terrifying to know that by loving someone, they have so much power over you. I feel how brave a person has to be to love. You have to be willing to admit that you're committed and because of that commitment, anything they do or don't do will affect you."

"How do we know if we have loved fully? There is no more fear present within our being. If we have any fear about life or fear about loving someone else, we are not letting our self love fully."

©2015 by Jaclyn Kushner