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10 Wedding Day Tips From a Photographer Who’s Seen It All

Chances are you've attended a few weddings in your lifetime. You've witnessed the highs, the lows, and maybe even the downright comical moments. When it comes to your own wedding day, here's a big tip I want to share with you: trust your wedding photographer, someone who's seen it all, to be your guide. From this list, you'll discover ten wedding day tips that will transform your day into an unforgettable experience!

Hilton Christiana/Wilmington Wedding Dress Detail Photo

10 Wedding Day Tips From a Photographer Who’s Seen It All


popping champagne bride and bridal party

1. Collaborate a Photo List

Your dream photographer is there to capture every moment, but it's a brilliant idea to collaborate on a shot list. This way, you'll ensure all the must-haves are checked off, from the tiniest details to the venue setup and those captivating couple portraits. Let your photographer lead the way in shaping this list before your big day.


bride and groom getting ready together - jaclyn kushner photography

2. Keeping To The Timeline

Designing a timeline for the day's events and sharing it with your photographer is crucial for seamless preparation. Consider allowing a bit of extra time between transitions or location changes to account for potential delays. Discuss your shot list and schedule photo sessions within your timeline, including couple's portraits, the wedding party, family, and any special requests.


lay flat wedding details rainbow window light

3. Prepare and Gather Items for Detail Photos

Don't let those exquisite details slip through the cracks. Rings, bouquets, invitations, jewelry, boutonnieres, shoes, and cufflinks—all these elements deserve their moment in the spotlight. Enlist a wedding party member or helper to keep these items organized and close at hand for your photographer.


alternative first look vow reading bride and groom valley forge park

4. Explore a First Look Moment Before the Ceremony

This tradition offers you and your partner a private, intimate moment, away from the eyes of your guests. Whether you opt for the classic "First Look," where you see each other for the first time in a more secluded setting, or choose an alternative approach, such as exchanging heartfelt letters or sharing a quiet moment blindfolded, the result is an authentic connection and an opportunity to express your love before the whirlwind of the day unfolds.


bride and groom portraits - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

5. Hire Vendors You Trust, and Allow Them to Work Their Magic!

Finding experienced vendors is an investment in a beautiful, stress-free day. These pros are seasoned and have seen it all. Place your trust in their expertise, not just during the preparations but also on the big day itself. Whether it's your wedding coordinator, caterer, DJ, or photographer, your wedding team is committed to making your dream day a reality.


6. Allow Your Photographer to Guide and Direct You to the Best Locations and Light

Allow your wedding photographer to gently guide you towards natural light and direction that will make you look and feel your best. I’m always open to creative suggestions from my couples, but I also might suggest otherwise if I see that perhaps the shadows from a nearby tree might not be your best compliment in a particular location.


RiverCrest Golf Course and Preserve Sunset Photos Bride and Groom Portraits - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

7. Schedule Time for Golden Hour Photos

This magical time of day is a sliver of time for you and your wedding photographer to regroup and capture some quick shots in that breathtaking light. During this enchanting period, just after sunrise or right before sunset, nature paints the world in a soft, warm, and diffused light, casting a spell of romance and captivating beauty. These photos, bathed in the golden glow, and a mesmerizing backdrop that will leave you and your partner looking absolutely captivating.


bride and groom kissing - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

8. Trust Your Photographers Creativity

Trust your photographer's creative vision; it could lead to one of your all-time favorite wedding photos. For instance, one of my cherished shots involved me standing directly above a couple entwined in a loving embrace in the grass below. Achieving this shot required their trust in my creative instincts (and a moment of lying on the ground!). So, if your photographer has a unique or "out of the box" idea, have confidence in their ability to deliver a remarkable result.


Bride getting ready with the bridesmaids - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

9. Embrace The UNEXPECTED

While extensive planning goes into your wedding, don't forget to savor the moments and embrace the unexpected. Life can happen at any time and having experienced vendors is essential; as they know how to navigate the twists and turns that may arise. As the day can whirl by, remember to be as present in the moment as you can to savor the each second. Letting go of any tension or stress and allowing yourself to fully be immersed in the magic of the day.


Army Having Fun Wedding Day PreGame Beer Pong The Alloy King of Prussia - Jaclyn Kushner Photography

10. Be Yourselves and Have Some Fun!

Be true to yourselves and let the fun flow! Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration of your love, so don't be afraid to let loose, be spontaneous, and simply have a blast. Whether you're twirling sparklers under the starlit sky, whispering sweet secrets to each other, tearing up the dance floor like nobody's watching, popping bottles, or making goofy faces with your dearest friends, this is your time to shine and create lasting memories. So, let your hair down, savor the night, and make it the most legendary celebration ever!

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