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If you’re ready to get adventurous with me, let your hair down, get silly, share your heart with me and capture all the perfectly imperfect moments then I’m your girl! Give me all the deets! I can’t wait to hear what you envision for your next session or wedding day.

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One: Before the Session

First we start off with a Consultation where we talk about Personalizing your boudoir session – hair style, makeup vibe, outfit ideas, and more.

The Consultation can be over the phone or video. 

This is when we typically select your date of your session!

Two: Pampering

The morning begins with some pampering by our professional hair & makeup artist in our studio (located in North Wales, PA). 

All the while we’re listening to music, chatting about any and everything, laughing & having an amazing time!

Three: The Photoshoot

Once your pampering session of hair & makeup have been completed it'll be time for your photoshoot! The photoshoot portion of the day is approximately 90 minutes & 3 outfits.

During the session I will demonstrate poses & help you get into each one.

Four: Viewing Your Photos

Once the photoshoot portion is wrapped up, you can take a 90 minute lunch break while I sort & lightly edit your images.

Then we meet back up at the studio to see your photos the SAME DAY! You will look through them, pick out favorites & decide which ones go in your products!

Five: Getting Your Products

The final images that are going in your products will be fully retouched before the order is placed (blemish/bruise removal & skin smoothing.)

It typically takes around 4 weeks to get your custom products back, however I recommend scheduling your session at least 5 weeks before you need them to give us some wiggle room.

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These are the most common reasons people hold themselves back from embracing their sensual side. And you can find some empowering perspectives to help you take the leap.

Trust me; you won't want to miss this one!

What you really want to know about boudoir photography.


It is so empowering to see my metal prints hung up on the wall every day! When I wake up in the morning and see those photos, it makes me feel almost invincible; like no matter what the day throws at me, I can handle it because I’m a boss ass bitch.


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