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6 Tips of What to Wear on your Engagement Session

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Your engagement session is coming around the corner. Ok; now what? I’m clueless. I have never done this before. What am I doing? Where do I even start?

This is why I am here to help guide you along the way

1) Can I be OVER dressed? a) Nope! o Just make sure that you and your partner are the same dressy level of each other. We don’t want someone rolling up in a ballgown or suit while the other is in khakis and a summer dress.

2) What clothes do I wear? a) Choose an outfit that you would wear to a fancy restaurant. Your outfit should be a higher level of fancy than what is your normal day in day out. b) Wear an outfit that suits your personality o Your confidence of what you are wearing will shine through your photos o Accent what you love about yourself c) Coordinate your outfits o Have colors the complement each other, your skin tone, and/or the season d) Classic looks are optimal as they will be ageless e) Bonus - I love flowy dresses or skirts

3) What to Avoid? a) Logos or writing a) Neon colors and small prints a) Being matchy matchy with your partner (This in reference to the couple wearing the same exact color or almost same outfit) a) Wrinkles and stains

4) What shoes do I wear? a) Wear something that is comfortable to walk around in and/or bring flats that are easy to slip on when we are walking longer distances b) What you wear on your feet should have the same dressy level as what you are wearing c) Break in those shoes! Then your feet won’t be killing you as much

5) What about my hair and makeup? a) This is a great opportunity to test out your hair and makeup stylist for your big wedding day b) Fake lashes are wonderful and really draw your eyes in when looking back at photos c) Your makeup will need to be a bit more saturated than normal

6) Can I wear multiple outfits? a) YES!! Just need to ensure that there is a place to change outfits

What if I’m still unsure? Reach out to me! Like when doing boudoir sessions I help my couples pick out outfits that best suit their skin tones, body types, and styles. These engagement session photos are to capture the true essence of your relationship with your partner.

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