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Franklin Commons Wedding | Ryan + Will

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

For some people, like me, finding the right person takes years of trial and error. For others, like Will, all it takes is a first-ever online date at Grand Lux Café with a charismatic Hufflepuff. But the journeys that led us to that café shaped us into a perfect fit for one another. A few dates and walks at Valley Forge park later, I remember Will nonchalantly referring to me as his "boyfriend". As my heart raced, and I felt the natural defense of my walls going up, they (for once) didn't stay there. It only took another two months and a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland for me to realize and say that I was in love with him. Thankfully, he said it back.

The next vacation we took together was to Disney World. Aware that Will would rather not have 1,000 strangers staring at him during the proposal it easily narrowed down my options. Three months before our trip, I booked a surprise dinner reservation at our resort. The plan was for my family to decorate our room, before we finished our meal, with the tea lights and flowers they had snuck into their suitcases. When we returned to the room, it was 'magically' transformed. The shock and emotion on Will's face instantly made it worthwhile. My sister graciously hid as my DJ in the bathroom, so we could slow dance before I led him out to our balcony. As a few giraffes gathered in the background to help make it even more memorable, I asked him to marry me. Thankfully, he said 'yes'.

Videographer | New Milford Productions

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