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Easton Engagement Session | Cassandra + Taylor

Updated: Jun 21

Simon Silk Mill

Karl Stirner Arts Trail

Weyerbacher Brewing Company

On their anniversary, two days after Taylor and Cassandra bought their house, Taylor knew he was going to propose. Taylor suggested Cassandra get dressed up to celebrate their anniversary. Cassandra was confused because it was a regular Wednesday and they had celebrated their anniversary the weekend before. "I'm just going to stay in my comfy clothes."

After trying to persuade her, Taylor gave up and asked her to come upstairs for a minute. Cassandra, still confused, followed Taylor upstairs. "You know that I love you right and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" said Taylor. Cassandra responded, "Should I get changed?" Taylor, then got on one knee and proposed. Of course Cassandra said yes.

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