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Why should I do a Boudoir shoot?

Updated: Apr 14

1. You Deserve It

2. To Feel Fabulous

3. You’re a Survivor

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

5. Why Not?

Honestly what is stopping you? Fear? Ok; Let’s change that.

Boudoir has changed so many lives which I have seen first-hand. The doubts and fear slip away and the confidence shines through.

· You have a body and you want to feel sexy and confident like the people you see in magazines?

· You need to remind yourself of how strong you are with everything that you went through life?

· You want to own your sexiness and share it with your partner?

You get all of this through boudoir. It’s such a fun day of dress up, jamming out to music, and acting like a goof with me!

There is no age limit. There is no body type for boudoir. If you have a body boudoir is for you. I have photographed so many body types. I guide you through every step. What outfits are going to the best to suit you. Have a pre-shoot consultation. Pose you from head to toe. Guide you through picking out what images you would like printed. All while being a supportive friend; as we all need that.

A big concern I hear all of the time is I don’t like this part of my body or I need to lose a few more pounds first. No one tries yoga because they are already flexible. You stretch to become flexible. Rip off that Band-Aid and let’s get your confidence shinning. Everything that I provide you sets you up for success.

You are worth it. You are good enough. You deserve it. Allow yourself to pamper yourself.

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