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Why I Capture Boudoir Photography: My “Why” for Photographing Boudoir

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Why I Capture Boudoir Photography?

Where does one start?... Boudoir is so much more than just photos. Accepting, and appreciating yourself, as you are, in this moment. It is an experience; allowing yourself to express yourself authentically, confidently, and comfortably. Celebrating yourself, your life journeys, self-acceptance, compassion, body positivity, and creating art. It's about getting pampered, getting glammed up, feeling beautiful, confident, having fun, and laughing your butt off. It’s about the transformation that takes place between the time you walk in my studio and when you walk back out that door.

What drew me into boudoir photography was seeing the beauty in others and wanting to share that with them. I have seen and heard so many women question themselves over how they look, expressing concerns and doubts of "I can't look that beautiful." I love being able to show them photos from their boudoir photoshoot that yes you CAN, in fact, feel beautiful. Seeing the transformation that they experienced changed me. I knew I found my passion.

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in our studio is the best part of the whole experience. When a woman arrives in my studio, most of the time she tends to be nervous, and sometimes even visibly so. Shaky hands, and voice, sweaty hands and faces are things I see all of the time. And once they sit in the chair to get their hair and makeup done, the transformation begins. The client slowly starts to shed those signs and feelings of nervousness and anxiousness.

Then we start the session; when I show the client the back of the camera after the first series, I usually hear “OH MY GOD, that's ME?!... Really? NO WAY that’s me!" As we go into the next series and then the next, the confidence is up, they're vibing, and ready to go. Letting the sensual energy flow as you can see it click with them. I can do this!

By the time we finish the session and go into the reveal, we’re friends. We’ve just shared an experience that they will always remember. We’ve laughed and shared stories about our lives.

Once I show them their pictures, their jaws drop. They see themselves like they never have before. This is one of the amazing things about boudoir photography. I get a chance to show them how I see them, how their spouse sees them and be their mirror. When they walk out that door, they are smiling so big and they can’t wait to tell all their friends about what they just did.

My journey into boudoir

Honestly; I started boudoir because I needed it myself. I was noticing that the confidence I had was slipping as rough times hit. I realized I need to be able to do this myself, to know what I was capable of, to know what it's like.

I decided to get out of my comfort zone. And I challenged myself to do outdoor boudoir self-portraits. To challenge my comfortability level, and challenge my self-acceptance.

This is more challenging than it may sound. Even with finding the perfect angle of the camera lens, the just right height for the tri-pod, setting up an off camera flash, align the transmitters, hiding the remote control trigger to take the photo, and pose yourself… you cannot see the final result until after. You have no visual until afterwards.

It was a process of letting go of control and trusting the process. Without being able to see ahead with being in front of the lens it was all about trusting myself. And it has been such a rewarding process. Through these boudoir self-portraits, I was able to capture myself and my body in ways that I do not normally see.

While I wish that I had the pampering of my hair and makeup artist, or a bit more consideration into my wardrobe choices, I love these photos. These photos document me as exactly who I am right now. For me, boudoir photography is a tribute, an honor, a celebration of your body, your power as a woman and your authentic self. I love celebrating women and being a part of their journeys. Let me help you see just how beautiful you are.

Interested in booking your boudoir experience with us?

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