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Where should we have our Engagement Session?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Where should we have our engagement session?

  • Does this location reflect you two as a couple?

  • Your first date location

  • Where you two meet each other

  • There are no limitations

  • It could be an at home session where you two are baking, cooking, gardening, curled up in bed, or the bath tub

  • Somewhere where both of you love going to with each other

  • Let’s go for a hike

  • Why don’t we head down to the beach and dive in

  • Are you more of a homebody?

  • Stay in at home and we can do an at home session

  • Curl up on the couch with coffee

  • Swing on into the kitchen to cook or bake

  • Hop into the garden

  • Slide into bed

  • Slip into the bath tub

When should our session be?

· For the best photos you and your photographer will schedule a time based on the sun

o Sun set or sun rise are the most ideal times

o When the sun is high in the sky is the worst time to capture an engagement session if you are outside

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