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What to wear to my Boudoir Session?

Updated: Apr 14

What lingerie best suits my body?

Let’s get some lingerie on you that makes you FABULOUS! This is for my women and/or female presenting people. Men and male presenting people click here to find out what best flatters your bodies. I’ll list lingerie options based off of body shapes along with how to counter those “woes.”

Body Shapes

  • Hourglass

  • Bust and hip measurement are the same or very similar as you chinch in at the waist

  • High-hip style for the panties that hits your natural waist

  • Plunge of balconette bras

  • Retro-inspired styles with elements like a wide band below the bust

  • Anything really sits well on this body type

  • Garter belts

  • Teddies

  • Corsets

  • Anything that ties around the waist to draw in the eyes more

  • Triangle/Pear

  • Wider hips & narrower shoulders – You will want to draw more attention to the chest

  • Push ups

  • Flowy tops

  • Lacey negligee that cinches in at the waist or below the bust

  • Bustier or Corset

  • Ruffled or lacey bra with matching colored bottoms

  • Plunging neckline

  • Inverted Triangle/ Inverted Pear

  • Broader shoulders and narrower hips - You will want to draw more attention to your hips

  • Bralette with matching lacey panty or thong

  • Matching cami set

  • Panties with ruffles

  • Teddies

  • Structured bodysuit – Deep neckline to draw your eyes down and a lacey trim to add oomph to your hips

  • Brazilian cut, high-waisted, or thick waistband panties bonus with lace or ruffles

  • Babydoll / Teddies / Chemises

  • Rectangle/Athletic

  • If you have an athletic figure with little to no defined curves, you have a rectangular body

  • Corsets

  • Teddy

  • Garter Belt

  • Bra with dramatic design details like sheer lace panels, cutout cups, ruffles, etc

  • Push-up bras

  • Panties that are high-cut hips or a waist line that sits higher on the waist

  • Anything that cinches at the waist

  • Round/Apple

  • Wider upper body than the bottom, no defined waist, and typically has some killer legs

  • Negligee

  • Teddy

  • Chemises or Satin Lingerie Gowns

  • Plunging bra

  • High-waisted panties


  • Itty Bitty Titties

  • Anything! – Honestly feel like you ladies have the least limitations

  • Push up

  • Corset

  • Bralette

  • Robe

  • Teddy

  • Body stockings

  • Large Breasts

  • Keep them supported

  • Corset

  • Bra with underwire

  • Belly

  • Babydolls

  • Robe

  • Flowy gowns that chinch at the waist

  • Corset

  • Bodysuits

  • Short Legs

  • Gown with a slit

  • Little Torso

  • Low-rise panties

  • Plunging neck line

  • Charmeuse Long Gown

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