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What to Avoid Before your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Apr 14

Boudoir Photography is a luxury experience and we what to ensure that you are getting the best out of your experiences. There are some things that you will want to avoid.

Foods and drinks you want to void as they can lead to bloating, puffiness, gas, and retention of water:

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Eating junk food

  • Salty foods

  • Consuming carbonated beverages

  • Beans

  • Dairy

  • Gum

What to Avoid or Prepare for:

  • Track when your time of the month is so you can avoid this time period and 5 days prior is when you start retaining more water

  • Spray Tanning

  • Do not do anything drastic such as a cleanse or fasting

  • Do NOT wax the day before

  • You should wax 3-5 days prior

  • Do not overlook minor facial hair

  • Do not forget sunscreen for the week or 2 prior to your session so you don’t burn

  • Don’t test out new beauty products

  • Don’t be late!

  • Do not stay up late

  • Do not be shy about being you and speaking up

  • You do not have to worry about anything once you arrive as you are in good hands.

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