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8 Easy Ways to Feel Sexy

Updated: Apr 14

I have not felt sexy in I do not know how long. I really want to feel sexy. I am lost and feel like nothing is working. Sound like you? I’ve been there and it took me some time to feel sexy. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Wear something sexy

The clothing that you wear day in and day out plays a factor on how you feel about yourself. I felt frumpy in the pajamas that I was wearing and decided to get out of my comfort zone and try wearing a sexy little number for my pajamas and man I did realize how much that was going to sky rocket my confidence. It took a bit to get used to seeing myself like this in the mirror but after about a week I was doing a double take of myself and was like “Wow; that’s actually me and I actually look pretty hot.”

2. Permit yourself time for pleasure

This can be taking a bath, basking in the sun, reading a book, hiking outside, or anything else that you enjoy. We need to give yourselves permission to enjoy the things we enjoy without feeling guilty. The more you allow yourself moments of pleasure that bring you joy without gluttony then you are opening yourself to being able to enjoy life more. Happiness is the sexiest thing.

3. Touch yourself

Is there a spot that you are still working on loving on yourself? Touch it. Little conscious of your thighs or stomach? Get use to touching yourself on these areas. Start off with wearing clothes and touching yourself, to do it bare skin, and if you have a partner you can get them to touch these areas to. It becomes so freeing once you can let go of the fear.

4. Get Naked

We need to normalize our own bodies to ourselves. Look at yourself in the mirror. Prance around naked in your place or bedroom. Get use to feeling our skin on our own skin.

5. Do Boudoir

You get a luxury experience where you get to feel sexy, confident, and safe. You will have your own personal hype person during your whole session right after you get pampered by getting your hair and makeup done. Then you get to go home with some killer photos of yourself as a constant reminder of how fabulously sexy you are.

6. Be a Flirt

You laugh, your confidence goes up, and you release dopamine.

7. Posture

Better posture encourages confidence

8. Unplug

Stop comparing yourself. It is doing nothing beneficial and let’s doubt take control. You have done so much to make yourself feel sexy.

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