The first time I picked up camera was a disposable camera in elementary school on our way to a class trip. This moment I was captivated by photography and many years later after coming home from a family trip to Hawaii I just couldn't put my camera down. I fell in love with photography. Shortly after I was going to Antonelli Institute shooting a 4x5 camera, running around the studio, and working late nights in the dark room.

Traveling, rock climbing, hiking, or anything really outdoors fuels me and photographing weddings is best job in the world. My style is photojournalistic, sweet, and romantic. Capturing all of the adorable moments full of laughter that truly emulates the joy that love brings. Looking back at these photos from your wedding day you'll feel that energy and joy rushing back to you. You'll also see those magical, romantic, endearing moments that you two shared on your special day with many more to come.