My name is Jaclyn Kushner and I am a Philadelphia-based photographer. I specialize in wedding photography and have been helping couples capture their special day for the past four years. I adore what I do in addition to the wonderful perks that come with being a wedding photographer. I enjoy meeting the wonderful people my profession introduces me to, the wonderful places I get to see, and the spontaneous, ever-changing nature of the shoot.

The first experience with photography was a disposable camera I picked up for a class trip in elementary school. I was captivated with finding moments to keep for myself. A few years later, with some practice and equipped with a better camera, my family took a trip to Hawaii where I truly fell in love with photography. The lush, beautiful environment made me eager to experiment with various techniques and shots. After that trip I could not put my camera down. After high school I was accepted to the Antonelli Institute where I learned to shoot on a 4x5 camera, became accustomed to working in a studio environment and spent many late nights in the dark room developing my work.

Photographing weddings is my passion and would not trade it for anything. My style is photojournalistic, yet sweet and romantic. Capturing those adorable moments full of laughter that truly emulates the joy that love brings us. When you look back at these photos from your wedding day, I want you to feel that joy rush back to you. You'll see those magical, endearing moments that you'll be able to cherish forever.

In addition to wedding photography, I also enjoy doing baby/family pictures, engagements and boudoir. You can contact me here, I hope to hear from you!